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How to obtain the source code of the UQLab Modules

UQLab is distributed in two packages: UQLabCore, which is a proprietary content management system that provides the content management system, the licensing system and the API, which is licensed (but free for Academic use, see the Registration Page for details). No computational tasks nor algorithms are handled by UQLabCore. All of the scientific content is provided by UQLabModules, a set of routines that are licensed under the BSD-3 clause license (Check here for more information).

If you have a UQLab license

If you have registered for a UQLab license, the source will be downloaded directly into your installation folder upon first starting UQLab. You can access it directly by browsing into the "modules" folder in your installation path.

If you do not have a UQLab license

If you don't have a UQLab license, you can still access the entire source code of the UQLabModules, but be warned: they don't constitute a standalone software!! They make use of the advanced API provided by UQLabCore to function properly!

However, you can still access the library and algorithms therein and use them with a BSD-3 clause license.

You can download the current version of the UQLab Modules using this link 

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